Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bitmap on Adafruit 128x64 using a Raspberry Pi

It's been a while, but I *finally* got my Adafruit 128x64 OLED working to display a bitmap image. From the Adafruit forums, unfortunately (or fortunately!) they currently do not have support for C++ libraries for this display on the Raspberry Pi, which is why I had to write my own. It was also a great learning experience! The code is written in C++ so I plan to use it for my BeagleBone Black as well. I believe nothing needs to be changed, but just recompiled for that platform, but I'll test that a bit later.

The OLED memory map isn't linear; probably because it's primarily use for rendering output in text which is typically in the form of a 5x7 font. Thus, the biggest challenge is to read and rotate the data. I used an 8 byte array as the memory map is aligned that way. So reading the 8 bytes from the bitmap and rotating those bytes from being horizontal to being vertical is the biggest challenge. Essentially, that  is what I did to take advantage of how I write out the bytes. I have one method that writes out the bytes for both text and bitmap images.

Next up... Hooking up a GPS receiver and getting the output to display on the OLED. Hopefully, this should be a bit easier since I now have a library to interface with when using the OLED.

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